Day 946 – Selflessness


This is me selflessly helping my brother Jeff complete the Ice Bucket Challenge. If you haven’t done so already, please do donate to Irish Motor Neuron Disease ( or to an other MN/ALS charity!

Taken by George Greene

Day 943 – I win


I put a bet on with one of the receptionists that I was taller than her. Apparently everyone thinks I’m really short and no one will believe I’m actually kinda sorta tall.

Anyway I got five euro out of it and here’s the proof!

Taken by Colin Swanton

Day 942 – Kitchen Fire

Kitchen Fire

My dad hung an electric fire in the kitchen of my parents’ house this week so that he won’t get cold when he’s watching tv out here in winter. It looks a bit mad, but he’s happy!

Taken by Simon Greene

Day 841 – WARNING! PDA



One year ago today, Shannon moved from the US to Ireland to live with me, and surprisingly, she’s still not sick of me!

Also, it’s only technically PDA because I’m publicly posting this.

Taken by Simon Greene